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Tire Rotation Service in Akron, OH


Save Time and Money

If you want to get optimal traction control and performance out of your vehicle without constant replacement, make sure you are taking advantage of our tire rotation service in Akron, OH. Here at Summit Toyota of Akron, we have a team of certified technicians who will perform this simple service to save you money in the long run. Call us to make an appointment today!

As you drive, your tires begin to lose their tread. Unfortunately, they don’t wear down evenly, which leads to entire replacement – an expensive purchase. The good news is that you can avoid this by keeping up with regularly scheduled tire rotations. By moving the tires to different locations around the vehicle, you’ll be able to save money without worrying about a loss of traction or damaging the axle. You’ll also get better fuel efficiency as the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you in control.

When you take your car, SUV, or pickup truck for a tire rotation service in Akron, OH, there are a few things that will take place. First, we’ll remove all four tires to make a detailed inspection of wear patterns. Our certified Toyota technicians take note of the differences in FWD and AWD, and will make sure they are put back in the most even positioning. They’ll also check the tire pressure and reset if needed. Here at Summit Toyota of Akron, we pride ourselves on service that is both efficient and effective, so you don’t have to set aside an entire afternoon to get your tires rotated. Be sure to check out our service specials


If you are not sure when you should bring your vehicle in, the best place to check is your Owner’s Manual. However, a simple timeline that many customers follow is every 3,000-6,000 miles. You can also opt to combine a tire rotation when you get your oil changed, or about every six months. Making an appointment can be done one of three ways. Just head over to the Service Tab and fill out our form, call us at 888-753-3273, or just stop in Monday through Saturday. Our service center features a comfortable waiting room where you can enjoy coffee, snacks, and free Wi-Fi while you wait. And, we include a free car wash with every service, so your vehicle will drive and look like new.

Make us your trusted choice for a tire rotation service in Akron, OH! Our service advisors are happy to set you up with an appointment and answer any questions you may have. Summit Toyota of Akron is conveniently located at 1535 Vernon Odom Blvd. in Akron, OH.